How many “Watt Brothers” are there in the NFL?

Derek Watt Brothers (FB, Los Angeles Chargers)

With their sixth round 2016 NFL Draft pick, the Los Angeles Chargers would choose Derek Watt brothers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Watt would be with the Los Angeles Chargers for four years, but he would only play 13 games in those four years.

Derek watt brothers has played the fewest games of all the three brothers. He would rush 19 times for 49 yard and one touchdown Shrimp Swimming in the 13 games he played. For the Los Angeles Chargers, he would also have 10 receptions for 152 yard. Derek Watt signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 2020 NFL Season, but has never played in a game.

T.J. Watt Brothers (LB, Pittsburgh Steelers)

T.J. Watt is one of the youngest brothers among the Watt brothers. T.J. Watt, an outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was their 30th pick in 2017’s NFL Draft. T.J. Watt played five years for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and was a major contributor to their success on defense.

T.J. Watt has never missed a start in five years of his time in the NFL. Watt has 227 total tackles in those 61 starts. T.J. Watt’s total tackles include 47.5 sacks and 110 hits on quarterback. He also has 4 interceptions.

J.J. Watt (DE, Houston Texans)

After a tremendous year at the University of Wisconsin Madison, J.J. Watt became the first of three Watt brothers to join the NFL. J.J. Watt was also one of the top picks in the NFL Draft. J.J. Watt would be selected by the Houston Texans with their 11th round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Watt brothers are always in competition, from rummy to eating to being best uncle.

Chris Walczak, who shared her Wisconsin home with her mother, hangs photos of her entire family as well as their significant others on the wall.

The photo collage includes a few familiar faces: Kealia Watt and J.J. Watt, Derek Watt and Gabriella Watt, as well as T.J. Watt with Dani Rhodes.

There is one piece of paper among all the frames of family members. It’s tacked to Walczak’s wall. This single piece of paper is a point-of-pride to Walczak, her highly competitive grandsons, and the winner of the rummy contest she played at her kitchen table. A stack of new notepads, pens and scorecards are just a few feet away from Walczak in a chest drawer.

J.J., Derek, and T.J. Watt were all ready to face off on the same field on Sunday when the Houston Texans host the Pittsburgh Steelers. ET, CBS) — only the second set since 1927 of three brothers to compete in the same NFL game — the trio gathered at Walczak’s table with their grandmother Sophie Musial and their great-grandmother. Walczak would make their favorite drinks, cranberry juice or Sprite, and then pour it into special sippy cups that had lids and straws.

Connie Watt, the matriarch in the Watt family of Musial, said that “She is very competitive” and she would not let anyone win until she reached 101. She was determined to be the most competitive. That was always a lot fun, and it has trickled down to now.

John and Connie Watt don’t need to go far to find out where their sons’ competitive natures came from.

J.J., the Texans star defensive end, said that sometimes you don’t finish a game. Sometimes you can go longer, but it’s about sitting around the dinner table and talking with your family and being competitive. Even at 100 years old, great-grandma took no prisoners. It’s easy for the entire family to see the impact of grandma’s 100-, 101 year-old attitude.

The basement Arena

During the childhood of the Watt brothers, the basement walls of their Watt family home were always covered in scuff marks, tangible memories of shinny Hockey games, indoor mini-baseball, and wrestling matches.

The brothers made their basement into a multi-sport arena, complete with hockey net and wrestling mats. They were often found in the basement, crashing into TVs, lamps and sometimes each other when they weren’t playing outside with the children from the nearby cul-de–sac.