Cherry “Shrimp Swimming” to The Surface

Although they are a wonderful addition to fish tanks and can be a nuisance, cherry shrimp are often a good choice. My shrimp swimming have been caught up to the surface several times, for example. Over the years I have learned how to handle the problem and what triggers them to behave this way. I’m now willing to share my experiences.

Cherry Shrimp swim to the surface because of oxygen deficiency secondary to stagnant water or malfunctioning filtration. This allows them to extract more oxygen. Shrimp may still be at the top of the food chain due to elevated levels of toxins like ammonia and copper.

Why is my Cherry Shrimp swimming to the top?

Cherry shrimp swimming crave freedom and will not tolerate overstocked tanks. They need plenty of space so they can explore South Carolina Swimming the world to their hearts’ content. If they spend most of their time on the surface, it is a sign that they are not happy.

  • This behavior is not always cause for concern. This behavior should not be a cause for concern.
  • Cherry Shrimp may be attracted to the surface by these factors:

1. Your Shrimp Swimming Looks for Microscopic Algae

It is not a matter of personal preference. You should also consider the possibility that Cherry Shrimp may be swimming to the surface for food. Cherry shrimp swimming eat algae. Although they won’t always survive on it, sometimes they do.

This is usually possible when you make an effort to supplement their diet with fish fakes or algae wafers every day. The algae in the water can provide a significant portion of their daily nutrition.

Cherry Shrimp will eat any alga they find. This includes walls at the top of the tank. They will also eat microscopic algae from the floating plants and the roots of floating plants in your tank.

2. The Shrimp Loves to Cling on to Floating Plants

Cherry Shrimp, as mentioned earlier, will swim to the top of floating plants to eat the alga. Your plants may also be a source of material for them. Even without algae, Cherry Shrimp will still cling to your aquarium plants.

The shrimp will swim to the surface if you have floating plants. Even if they are sleeping on the surface, they can still cling to the plants. Plants near the surface might be what draws your Cherry Shrimp up to the top.

3. The Tank isn’t adequately cycled

When it comes to cycling, Cherry Shrimp are not any different than fish. If the tank hasn’t been cycled properly, they can’t live there. It can take several weeks to cycle a tank. It is important because it introduces beneficial bacteria to keep aquariums clean. They convert ammonia into nitrogen and nitrates.