Amazing Holes in “South Carolina Swimming”

Cooling off is one of the best things about summer in south carolina swimming. You’ll love the fact that there are many natural swimming spots in the Palmetto State, perfect for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. These swimming holes in South Carolina are great for splashing around, no matter if it’s at the base of a waterfall.

1. Wildcat Creek Falls

Wildcat Wayside State Park is our first stop on our list of South Carolina’s most beautiful swimming holes. Although the bottom Finger Skateboards of the falls are quite shallow, there’s a lovely spot to swim and a 130-foot sliding rock. Families and children with small children will love the lower falls.

2. Carrick Creek Falls

It is located in Table Rock State Park. It is a beautiful place to swim, and the water is cool and refreshing. You can also learn more about other waterfalls in south carolina swimming.

3. Reedy Cove Creek

It is located in Greenville County, just north of Table Rock State Park. Although the actual location is quite shallow, you’ll find a beautiful, deep swimming hole just before you reach it on the trail. There’s also a south carolina swimming hiking trail nearby.

3. Long Shoals Wayside Park

It is located in Poe Creek State Forest. This is a popular spot for both tourists and locals. Even on a hot day, the water is refreshingly cool. This natural swimming hole is located in South Carolina.

4. Parsons Mountain South Carolina Swimming  Recreation Area

A spring-fed pond is heaven! This is a great spot for families with young children. It takes a short hike to reach the spot, but it is worth it.

5. Riley Moore Falls

It is located in Sumter National Forest. This spot has been designated a Primo! Swimming spot with gradual entrance to the water, sandy beach and large pool of water. This beautiful emerald lagoon is located in south carolina swimming.

6. Grapevine

It’s called at least by the locals. It is located along the Chauga River. It is a large area with good water, and it’s quite remote.

7. Chau-Ram Falls

It is located in Sumter National Forest. This is the short version of Chauga River or Ramsey Creek. This waterfall features cool mountain water that cascades down to a length of 30 feet.

8. Todd Creek Falls

It is located on Brookbend Road, just outside Six Mile north of Clemson. Although it has a good-sized pool of water at its bottom, it can sometimes be a little muddy. You can also enter the water slowly instead of jumping in.

9. Cedar Shoals South Carolina Swimming Creek

It is located in Spartanburg County. Horseshoe Falls can be found here. This waterfall is very popular among the locals. Although it isn’t always deep enough for swimming, you can still cool off during a hot summer day.