10 Reasons why World of Warcraft remains the best MMO on the market

World of Warcraft has been around since 18 years. If you’ve played it or researched it before you read this article, then you probably know what that means. It has been a wildly popular MMORPG that has entertained and captivated millions of players around the world since its inception.

You might wonder how Blizzard, the studio that developed the game, manages to keep older players happy and attract new ones. We have the answer for you. These are 10 reasons WoW is still the best MMO on the market.

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1. It’s suitable for everyone!

It’s very beginner-friendly, which is one of the reasons this game’s popularity isn’t declining. There are many tutorials, guides and walkthroughs to help you get through the first few levels. This makes it suitable for all ages, including teens, adults and elderly people who love video games. It also offers a variety of gaming styles, including PvP, questing and raiding. This means that there is something for everyone.

2. Regular Updates

The game has been around for 18 years, as we said at the beginning. It wouldn’t have been so popular if its developers didn’t keep it updated. It’s easy to get lost in the vast world of WoW once you begin exploring it. This is especially true with all the expansions that have been added. Many people find the lore of the whole franchise fascinating and captivating, which brings us to the next part of this article.

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3. The Lore is Amazing

WoW is not only long-lasting but also has a unique lore that is truly amazing. Since the 1990s, the studio behind WoW has been creating unique and captivating worlds. We now have LoL, Diablo and Dota. You can also find a variety of wikis that provide information about the characters and worlds in the game.

4. It’s Still The Most Popular MMORPG Available

This might seem like a simple reason to keep playing the game. However, it is also incredibly powerful. WoW is the MMORPG with the most players. You can ask for help from more experienced players, and they will all be happy to assist you. You can also seek help from other players.

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5. Online Help: A wide range of services

There are many other boosts you can get for the game, including the walkthrough videos, tutorials, and guides. These boosts will enable you to move quickly in the game. This is why, even if you have been playing the game for a while, you will find it easier to get to the higher levels quicker. These boosts can be viewed here.

6. It’s been played for years by people

When I was ten years of age, World of Warcraft was my first game. I still buy and play new parts of the game. This means that I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for nearly 15 years. I attribute this to the enjoyable experience I had while playing it. This is why Blizzard is able to retain old players and get new players without problems.

7. The Game Rewards Veteran Players

This is something you might not have known, especially if it’s your first time playing WoW. However, WoW rewards veterans players. The achievement system allows you to earn points over time. This means you can feel fulfilled while still enjoying the game. You can also add in-game titles to your username, such as “Best Arena Player”, or “Best Friend”.

8. A powerful PC is not necessary

It’s amazing that this game isn’t going to require a powerful computer, even though it’s the largest multiplayer game out there. It’s easy to see why. The game uses “cartoonish graphics”, so you don’t need a very powerful computer. Instead, any four core processors from the past 10 years will run the game. Despite being cartoonish, the graphics are still stunning, high-quality and beautiful.

9. Personalization is the Key

It would be a waste of time to mention how amazing it is to customize your character in WoW. You can choose your name and class. You can choose your race, transport option, faction, and even wear any gear combination you like. The character you create will be unique from the rest.

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10. Ideal for Individuals Who Love to Explore

Our last list of reasons WoW is still the best is equally important. However, it is perfect for those who like to explore the game. There are many places you can visit that can give you amazing loot, just like Skyrim. If you enjoy exploring and finding resources, WoW is a great game for you.